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【Wholesale】多肉批发 盆栽花卉办公室组合生石花玉露基地自产自销 多肉植物
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  • 摆地摊:100颗(20个品种左右混合)(无盆土)
    $10.652217pieces for sale
  • 30颗(20多个品种)(无盆土)
    $3.051655pieces for sale
  • 肉肉营养土一包(500g 可栽7-10盆)
    $0.315433pieces for sale
  • 红手指(原盆土)
    $0.404657pieces for sale
  • 月亮仙子4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.167244pieces for sale
  • 姬玉露(原盆土)
    $0.466318pieces for sale
  • 女士手指(原盆土)
    $0.585649pieces for sale
  • 女雏4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.225194pieces for sale
  • 蓝苹果4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.317793pieces for sale
  • 昂斯洛4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.236994pieces for sale
  • 绮罗(原盆土)
    $0.349037pieces for sale
  • 蒂亚4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.136776pieces for sale
  • 碧桃4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.314228pieces for sale
  • 白熊(原盆土)
    $0.438074pieces for sale
  • 海豹(原盆土)
    $0.541743pieces for sale
  • 玉树15公分(脱土发)
    $0.734349pieces for sale
  • 口红3-5cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.314260pieces for sale
  • 虎鲸(原盆土)
    $0.584367pieces for sale
  • 黄丽4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.134286pieces for sale
  • 天使之泪4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.134265pieces for sale
  • 红稚莲老桩一捧
    $1.224313pieces for sale
  • 菲欧娜4-7cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.394289pieces for sale
  • 月光女神缀化(原盆土)
    $0.464333pieces for sale
  • 滇石莲(原盆土)
    $0.314317pieces for sale
  • 圣诞东云(原盆土)
    $0.314338pieces for sale
  • 大广寒宫(原盆土)
    $1.344313pieces for sale
  • 耶罗玫瑰3-5cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.164318pieces for sale
  • 紫蒂玉(原盆土)
    $1.344325pieces for sale
  • 蓝鸟小群7-10cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.394324pieces for sale
  • 棕玫瑰小群4-6cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.314380pieces for sale
  • 晚霞之舞大单头或群生7-10cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.394380pieces for sale
  • 红叶祭小群7-10cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.314382pieces for sale
  • 姬红花月小群7-10cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.314382pieces for sale
  • 绿油油小群7-10cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.464378pieces for sale
  • 大乌木7-10cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.894381pieces for sale
  • 丁香7-10cm(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.434380pieces for sale
  • 吸财树老桩20公分(裸根不含盆土)
    $2.294380pieces for sale
  • 羊绒法师(脱土发)
    $0.924380pieces for sale
  • 一撮鹿角海棠(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.314344pieces for sale
  • 紫罗兰女王(裸根不含盆土)
    $0.774382pieces for sale
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