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지금 청도

주소 (收货地址)山东省 青岛市 城阳区 流亭街道복사
상세 주소 (詳細地址)两江路27号中远院内 101복사
우편번호 (邮编号码)266108복사
전화번호 (电话号码)15863018050복사
수취인 성명宅恩特收 로그인 후 확인이 가능합니다.복사

에  잇는 제  물건을  

山东省 威海市 环翠区 温泉镇

刘家台镇 君立服装院内 艺木家具 赵炳熙

로  다시  보내  줄수   없나요/

SH230511028481     433219655420399   SH230511028355    78684661805154   YT7225891425948

제  송장  번호  입니다  절  도와주세요    01065521385   이곳으로   전화  좀  주세요

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    Please note that in order to confirm whether the products, quantity, size, pattern, etc. of your 1688/Taobao order are correct, whether the products are damaged, and other quality issues. AliPrice's purchasing agent needs to first deliver your order goods to AliPrice's warehouse, and the AliPrice team will conduct quality inspection to confirm that the goods are in good condition before forwarding them to your cooperating Chinese freight forwarding address. During this period, you will need to pay for the shipping cost of the goods from AliPrice's warehouse to your freight forwarder. You also need to pay a handling fee of AliPrice Agent purchase: (product price+domestic shipping in China) * 5%. May I ask if you accept it? Please contact me. Please refer to this article for details:

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    You have an inbound order but have not submitted an international shipping application, please process