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we need a help to escape the fraud

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We found a forwarder in Alibaba to send the goods to the US fba warehouse. And we negotiated the price and sent our goods US amazon warehouse.

By the way, forwarder ask for an additional amount after receiving our product. When we first negotiated the price, we set the price to Texas in the United States. However, due to a lack of Amazon warehouses, we should send to New Jersey and Illinois, not Texas.

we understand the additional charge for the change of address. But the forwarder raised the extra charge too ridiculously, and suddenly asked for an extra amount because of the material of the product.

In the first place, we didn't ask for the product material or ask for a picture. If there was an additional amount, forwarder should have asked in advance. And they said that the amount includes both the pick-up cost and tax, but they suddenly charged the pick-up cost and tax, so they are doubling the existing price. Holding our merchandise like a hostage!!

I purchased Amazon products from Alibaba and conducted an inspection. I didn't know the forwarder would be this bad. I believed in Alibaba. I was worried as a foreign buyer. There's gonna be a fraud. But I was so happy to meet good partners.

But the forwarder is shaking up all my experiences. It's the worst. they can't communicate well and keep making excuses. Is there a way to report this seller and get our product back safely?

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    Here is Alibaba's Help Center for Buyer for your reference:

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    We are sorry about this incident. Because it happened on the Alibaba platform, it is recommended that you report it to the customer service personnel on the Alibaba website. We cannot help you with this problem as it is not related to our website. Sorry.

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    You have an inbound order but have not submitted an international shipping application, please process