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【Wholesale】高速钢六角柄三合一复合丝锥 钻攻倒角一体螺旋机用攻丝 螺旋丝锥
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Weight: 110g
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  • 6PC 4341白钻(短款)OPP袋装
    $2.1982232pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341镀钛(短款)OPP袋装
    $2.2784155pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341白钻(长款)OPP袋装
    $2.1993914pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341镀钛(长款)OPP袋装
    $2.2793216pieces for sale
  • 白钻M3*0.5【短款】
    $0.3797322pieces for sale
  • 白钻M4*0.7【短款】
    $0.3797361pieces for sale
  • 白钻M5*0.8【短款】
    $0.3795715pieces for sale
  • 白钻M6*1【短款】
    $0.3796024pieces for sale
  • 白钻M8*1.25【短款】
    $0.3797586pieces for sale
  • 白钻M10*1.5【短款】
    $0.3797537pieces for sale
  • 镀钛M3*0.5【短款】
    $0.3892175pieces for sale
  • 镀钛M4*0.7【短款】
    $0.3887748pieces for sale
  • 镀钛M5*0.8【短款】
    $0.3888291pieces for sale
  • 镀钛M6*1【短款】
    $0.3888235pieces for sale
  • 镀钛M8*1.25【短款】
    $0.3889952pieces for sale
  • 镀钛M10*1.5【短款】
    $0.3893438pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341白钻(短款)--塑盒
    $2.2797129pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341镀钛(短款)--塑盒
    $2.3488035pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341白钻(长款)-塑盒
    $2.2796717pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341镀钛(长款)-塑盒
    $2.3483589pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341蓝色(短款)OPP袋装
    $2.4295921pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341蓝色(短款)塑盒装
    $2.5097076pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341蓝色(长款)OPP袋装
    $2.4297267pieces for sale
  • 6PC 4341蓝色(长款)塑盒装
    $2.5095682pieces for sale
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